Brick: indoors, outdoors and in between


Home additions using brick and pavers can expand exterior and interior space whether it’s a patio for grilling and relaxing outside, a larger kitchen for bigger meals inside or a tidy screen porch that combines the best of in- and out-of-doors.

We found this example in Greensboro, NC that has a spacious paver patio, but also features a screened porch with a modular brick floor and cozy painted brick fireplace. Outdoor paver applications usually don’t use mortar. But for indoor flooring modular (brick and mortar) makes sense. It’s easy to clean provides an interior surface that still has a casual alfresco feel.

Decorating is fun, because you have such a range of possibilities from basic patio furniture to more formal seating and tables, as well as any number of decorator floor coverings.

Mount a television above the hearth and you’re set for a Super Bowl party, just a few steps from the kitchen.

This porch, with three screened walls, puts you in touch with the environment, but has amble coverage to stay dry and—with the interior-style fireplace—warm. In temperate zones a porch like this can be used year-round, with a few exceptions.

The painted brick contrasts nicely with the red modular pavers on the floor, and also the exterior steps. The exterior entrance to the porch is “civilized”, with painted and natural brick, includes a curved wall that embellishes the concrete walk.

With brick a home like this, continual expansion with design continuity is always possible. In fact, most of the back half of the home was an addition to the original construction. You wouldn’t know it with the white painted masonry.

Clay or modular pavers, natural brick or painted, it’s a versatile building material that stands the test of time. To see more ideas for indoor/outdoor living, visit our Pinerest page for ideas and inspiration.


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