Entertain outdoors by the fireplace year-round

Summertime campouts may be over, but with a rustic outdoor kitchen of brick on a paver patio you can enjoy the crackling sparks and aromatic smoke of an open flame that’s as cozy as it is fun and practical.

Why not move holiday gatherings to the patio? Go old-school with a pot of chili simmering over a bed of hickory coals. Or just heat up some cider—soft or hard!—and enjoy a football party in your home outdoors.

We’re loving the potential of this amazing outdoor fireplace built with Pine Hall Brick Vienna oversized tumbled brick paired with wine mortar. It’s got plenty of space for party-sized spread of hearty snacks or trays of barbecued ribs.

When you entertain on a paver patio, nobody has to wipe their feet or mind their plates, too much. So an outdoor kitchen is ideal for kids, pets and your rowdiest neighbors.

The impressive spiraling chimney makes the fire a lot more efficient with a stronger updraft than an open campfire and it keeps the smoke out of your face. A smaller grilling niche lets you barbecue meats over charcoal or firewood.

It’s rustic, but beautiful with impressive decorative masonry work that can add re-sell value to any home. Of course, experts advise against fire—or even turkey boilers—with wooden decks. They’re just too combustible. But with a paver patio, you can entertain by a roaring blaze to keep everyone toasty.

The brick gives the aesthetically-minded entertainer a neutral palette that can be accessorized with bold colored or seasonal picnic table cloths, blankets and even fun outdoor cookware. We found a cool red percolator from GSI Outdoors for a hot pot of coffee, western roundup style.

This fireplace was professionally built, but some DIYers might want to give it a shot. Pine Hall Brick, of course, supplies all the structural brick, but we also sell and advise on the use of high quality fire brick (see yellow brick above) for the inside of the chimney.

Your home outdoors is fun year-round with a paver patio and fire only makes it better…along with some fleeces and wooly socks. See more Pine Hall Brick fireplaces and fire pits, visit our Pinterest page.